Mission and Goals - Edwards Aquifer Authority

Mission and Goals

Permit Planning and Issuance:

The Plan Area (also the Permit Area) is the area in which pumping from the Aquifer is regulated by the EAA and affects the springs and spring ecosystems used by the proposed Covered Species identified in Section 1.4 of this HCP. This is where the Covered Activities will occur as well as the adaptive management and minimization and mitigation measures. The Permit Area also includes recreational and other areas in which non-pumping-related impacts to Covered Species will occur including the Comal Springs and River ecosystems and San Marcos Springs and River ecosystems that are under the jurisdiction of the City of New Braunfels, the City of San Marcos, and Texas State University.

Phase I:

Phase I will begin with the issuance of the ITP and include the implementation of: (1) all habitat minimization and mitigation measures; (2) the Phase 1 springflow protection measures; and (3) the AMP to monitor the effectiveness of the measures and guide future management decisions. The Phase I package will be implemented throughout the permit term unless modified by AMP.

Phase II:

In Phase II, no later than Year 8 of the ITP, the specified additional measures needed to achieve the springflows to meet the biological goals of the HCP will be implemented if required.