Science Review Panel Meeting Documents - Edwards Aquifer Authority

Science Review Panel Meeting Documents

NAS January 2018 Meeting Agenda


Hydrological Model Presentation

Preliminary Evaluation of Long-Term EAHCP Biomonitoring Data

Conservation Measure: Sediment Removal and Impervious Cover-Water Quality Protection

Aquifer Storage and Recovery Optimization

Agenda of the EAHCP Science Review Panel--Report 3


NAS Contract Summary

EAHCP Implementation Update

EAHCP Biological Goals and Objectives

EAHCP Scientific Tools

Meeting Agenda of the EAHCP Science Review Panel—Report 2, October 29 & 30, 2015


Prioritized Implementation Plan from First NAS Report

Update on the Ecological Model

Update on the Hydrologic Model



Modflow Status



Applied Research

Groundwater Model History

Finite Element- SWRI

Ecological Model - Fish

Ecological Model- Submerged Aquatic Vegetation


Springs Tour Itenerary


1 - NRC_orientation

2 - NRC Committee - Introduction to the HCP

3 - NRC Groundwater Models

4 - HCP Expanded Water Quality Sampling Program NAS

4a - WQ Sampling Parameter

5 - BW NAS Biomonitoring Presentation

6 - BW NAS Ecomodel Presentation

7 - NAS Applied Research

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