Designation of Permanent Access Points/Bank Stabilization - Edwards Aquifer Authority

Designation of Permanent Access Points/Bank Stabilization

RFP and Accepted Proposal for Bank Stabilization Permanent Access Points

To minimize the impacts of recreation, permanent access points will be combined with bank stabilization at various locations. They will serve as entry and exit ways that could be used by canoeists, tubers, swimmers, etc., while stabilizing highly eroded banks. In these areas, the bank is eroding generally due to clearing of riparian vegetation and specifically due to intense recreational use. The City of San Marcos will stabilize banks in eroded areas, to include City Park, Hopkins Street Underpass, Bicentennial Park, Rio Vista Park, Ramon Lucio Park, and Cheatham Street Underpass.

Natural rock will be used to create a stone terrace to assess and bank stabilization with the bank on either side restored with riparian vegetation. Native riparian vegetation will be planted in areas adjacent to the access/stabilization areas in order to discourage river users from entering the river in places other than the access point. Prior to each construction period, the area will be swept clean of the darters and enclosures will be put into place to keep darters out of the construction area. No work outside of this area will occur. If additional areas along the river require stabilization, the City of San Marcos will submit a scope of work for consideration through the AMP.

The City of San Marcos will establish permanent river access points. Permanent access will be located at dog beach, Lion’s Club Tube Rental, Bicentennial Park, Rio Vista Park, the Wildlife Annex, and potentially other areas (as determined during the Adaptive Management Process). Areas between access points will be planted with vegetation that discourages streamside access (e.g., prickly pear and acacia).

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