Sessom Creek Sand Bar Removal - Edwards Aquifer Authority

Sessom Creek Sand Bar Removal

For decades, a sand and gravel bar has been building with each major rain event at the confluence of Sessom Creek and the San Marcos River. The bar is about two-thirds meter deep, 7 meters wide, and 21 meters long. Over time it has widened, deepened, and constricted the river channel; furthermore, the continued expansion has covered a stand of Texas wild-rice. The bar has become vegetated with both littoral and terrestrial plants, and is used heavily by recreationists as it provides a shallow swimming area.

To minimize and mitigate the impacts of incidental take from recreation, Texas State University and the City of San Marcos will conduct a study of sediment removal options to determine the best procedure to remove this sand and gravel bar that minimizes impacts to listed species. Texas State University will the study for review through the AMP and implement the actions coming out of that process.

A separate sediment retention pond has been constructed to minimize additional deposition to this area and will be maintained to maintain an effective level of performance.

The EAA Board Meeting will take place on June 11, 2024 at 1pm.
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