Groundwater Permit Holders

The EAA manages groundwater withdrawals from the aquifer for all conditions and levels. Appropriate management strategies are designed to complement the natural system while optimizing beneficial use of the aquifer across the entire region. These strategies include water conservation incentive programs, critical period (drought management) stages, and an initiative to analyze the effects of groundwater withdrawal permit transfers. Access to applications, to report your usage, and to submit your Groundwater Management Plan are located in this section.

2018 Proposed Aquifer Management Fee Rate and AMF Contract Option

Annual Use & Aquifer Management Fee Contract (AMF Contract)
M&I permit holders will receive their 2018 groundwater invoices (aquifer management fee and EAHCP program fee) in December 2017 based on the amount of groundwater they are authorized to withdraw in 2018.

The EAA allows M&I permit holders to enter into an AMF Contract to reduce the amount of groundwater authorized for withdrawal, thereby minimizing the amount of associated aquifer management and EAHCP program fees that are assessed.  This contract may be a worthwhile option for you if, based on previous years’ use, you are currently permitted more groundwater withdrawal rights than you need.  The deadline to receive executed contracts is September 1, 2017 for the 2018 invoicing period.  Please note that these are ANNUAL contracts.

Please keep in mind that IF you enter into an AMF Contract AND you expect to exceed your contract amount, you will need to amend the AMF contract as soon as possible (in no event later than December 31.  There is a 20% penalty assessed on the incremental use amount when amending.

If you would like to enter into an AMF contract for 2018, need to amend a 2017 AMF Contract, or if you have any questions, please contact Ms. Shelly Hendrix, Controller, at (210) 547-2200, (800) 292-1047 or via email at